In order to establish a smart medical platform and assist the school and system hospitals in the establishment of smart medical related teaching, research and service matters, a smart medical health care research center (hereinafter referred to as the center) is set up in accordance with the method of setting up a research center of the school.

In order to continue to develop "smart medical health care services", the planning goal of the center is to take "holistic care" as the core value. Through innovative thinking, combining our school's medical professions and practices, and cross-industry R & D resources, we will deepen smart health Medical care applications and services and the establishment of a smart health care database to build a smart health care industry development platform, promote the innovation and development of health care, and lead the rise of the smart health industry.

In order to combine medical and telecom technology and related biomedicine, electronics, motors, machinery and other industrial energy, promote the development of smart health medical care services, improve the accessibility of medical care, and improve the overall quality of health care and service efficiency.


The key development plans of the center are as follows:

  1. The construction of an intelligent medical health care industry-creation cooperation platform
  2. R & D of various smart medical health care application systems
  3. Research on the value-added application of smart medical health care database
  4. R & D of various smart medical health care application equipment
  5. Prospective intelligent medical health care technology research and development
  6. Discussion on relevant regulations of smart medical health care
  7. Design and discussion of smart medical related courses
  8. Cultivation of talents for research and development of smart medical health care services
  9. The development and empirical research of various smart medical health care service models
  10. Research and development of feasible operation models related to smart medical health care


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